Living with Seizure Clusters

Education and Awareness

Why education matters

Providing support for people living with seizure clusters can start with helping people around them understand their needs—and what they may be going through. Here are some resources that can help other people learn about epilepsy and caring for someone who has seizures.

See what’s available to share with family members, school staff, employers, and community organizations to help educate and build awareness.

Seeking and sharing information

Sometimes other people may not realize how epilepsy or seizures really affect a person’s life. Sharing knowledge is one way to help people understand and change how they may see someone living with epilepsy or seizures.

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Ten Truths About Epilepsy
Learn ways to help explain epilepsy and clear up some misconceptions about people who have seizures.

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Encountering Epilepsy and Epilepsy Awareness
Short podcasts from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that help educate on epilepsy-related topics.

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The Women & Epilepsy Initiative
Find out about a campaign from the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia created to bring hope and help to women with epilepsy. Building awareness of epilepsy and its impact on women helps others understand and help with the many challenges that women with epilepsy may face. Educational material includes:

Psychosocial Issues Download

Concerns About Seizures and Medications Download

Talking With Your Doctor Guide Download

Bullying and Children and Youth with Disabilities and Special Health Needs
Read information about creating a safe environment for kids with epilepsy and other health conditions. Visit

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Seizure Smart Schools
A program that can help teachers, students, and school personnel better understand epilepsy. Download tools and information sheets that can help parents and school staff provide the best possible environment for students with seizures. From the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.


Seizures in Schools
A short video from the Epilepsy Foundation that can help teachers, school staff, and other students learn how to understand and assist students during a seizure emergency.

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Senior Care Checklist
A helpful tool for family members or caregivers to know whether a senior in their care should be evaluated for epilepsy. From the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago.


Project Spotlight

The KEYS to Transition

Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania (EFEPA)

Change can be a positive experience when the right support is in place. The EFEPA helps individuals with epilepsy, their families, friends, and caregivers through the process of transitioning to life after high school.

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Thinking About Epilepsy

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation

This program educates fifth graders to recognize seizures, provide first aid, and understand the challenges of living with seizures and epilepsy. The program promotes tolerance and positive attitudes towards people with epilepsy.

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Better Understanding Seizures (BUS)

Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia

This program is offered to school districts throughout Georgia. It provides yearly training to bus fleets, including drivers, monitors, and mechanics. The school transportation staff is trained to recognize various seizures and how to provide the proper first aid to a child having a seizure. They also learn steps for safely taking that child home.

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Training programs

The Epilepsy Foundation and its affiliates can provide training in schools and communities on how to care for people with seizure disorders. Training programs are available for:

School nurses

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Other school staff

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First responders
(emergency medical teams, police officers, and others)

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Educational resources for parents and caregivers

Know what to do in case of a seizure emergency.

First aid video from the Epilepsy Foundation

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First Aid for Seizures from the CDC

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Free seizure first-aid education from the Anita Kaufmann Foundation

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Reach Out: A resource guide from the CDC for parents of teens with epilepsy
This booklet lists national organizations, websites, books, and other reading material to help with teen issues, family support, and talking about epilepsy.


Family resources
Information and tools such as a Care Plan template and Seizure Action Plan template, a medical ID, seizure log, and more from the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida.

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Information for Parents of Children with Epilepsy
Learn how parents can help inform teachers and school personnel about their child’s health needs. From the Epilepsy Foundation.

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Learn and Share Conference Calls
People with epilepsy and their families have the chance to learn more about epilepsy and related issues—and share experiences to help others. Join monthly conference calls by calling a toll-free phone number and entering a passcode. Listen to past conference calls or register for upcoming calls. From the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan.

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