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The resources in this section are designed to help healthcare professionals (HCPs) educate and counsel patients and their caregivers about seizure clusters.

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Talking about seizure emergency plans

Seizure Action Plan
People who experience seizure clusters, and their caregivers, often understand seizures can happen anywhere and at any time. HCPs can work with them on a plan to help prepare them for emergencies—and ensure prompt care. An example of an action plan for children in school is available from the Epilepsy Foundation. HCPs can download this template and work on it with patients and their caregivers during their next visit.


Emergency-contact apps for mobile devices
Patients can create customized lock screens on their smartphones to display emergency contact information. This makes it easy for other people to see who to call if the person is having a seizure. A wide variety of free apps are available. Go to these app stores and search for “emergency contact.”

iTunes Store

Talking about seizure clusters management

People with seizure clusters and their caregivers may often want to speak with their HCPs about different aspects of living with seizure disorders or seizure clusters. Here are some resources that may help open up a dialogue.

Keeping seizure diaries
It may be more convenient for patients to keep a seizure diary on their home computer or mobile device than tracking their seizures on paper. The Epilepsy Foundation’s My Seizure Diary is an example of an online diary HCPs can share with their patients.

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Driving and public transit can pose challenges to people affected by seizure disorders and their caregivers. The following resources can help support the discussion between HCPs and their patients.

Driver rules and regulations, by state
Paratransit services available from local counties

SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy)

Talking about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP)
Many patients and caregivers worry about SUDEP, especially those new to seizure disorders. HCPs can help them better understand SUDEP with the help of these resources.

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